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Friday, January 27, 2012

Purple Jungle

Hey guys,
I'm so sorry that i havent posted pictures if my nails for over a week niw, but it was really stressy in school as we were writing MOCK'S ... Well it wasnt that muh fun, but forget about that for now.
The nail design which i am going to show you today is called Purple jungle, because as a base coat i used a dark purple colour.
I needed:
- p2 anti split coat
- basic nailpolish no.4
- essence white stamping nailpolish
- essence multi dimension shine
- konad stamping plate m60

To begin with i applied a undercoat of anti split coat which prevents my nails from getting any ugly stains, an then i applied the super cool purple colour.
After all this was dried i used the jungle design on the konad plate and stamped the motive onto my fingers using the white nailpolish. Then is sealed everything with the shining coat and finished!!
I hope you like it , and please comment it <3
love, amy

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello Holo by essence


Hey Readers,
today i'd like to show you a new design with the essence Nail art special effect topper...
I know that the design will look a bit girly but still, i kind of like it..
So lets start, for the design i needed:
- p2, perfect nail hardener
-basic, nailpolish nr.26
-essence, nail art special effect topper 03 hello holo
-essence, multidimension

To begin with i applied the base coat and let it dry, then i applied my base coat which is a nice pinkish kind of colour. After it was dry I applied my new nail art special effect topper which i think is really cool. To make the colour more intense i applied another coat of the nailpolish. To not make any smears i let it dry about 20 minutes, just to make sure. And to give it a nice shine I topped everything of with my XXXL shine nail polish by essence. Below are a few pictures of the design, i hope you like them.
Still, in real life the design is a thousand times more glittery and sparkly, but unfortunately you cant see that on the photos...
Love, Amy <3


                           Please comment on what you think of the design!! <3

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Decent glitter <3

Hey readers,
For the last couple of weeks, i've always used the konad stamping plates on my nails and thought that maybe today i 'll do a design without stamping again.. But still i wanted it to be decent with the design today so i just applied some light colours..
What i needed:
-Perfect nail hardener (p2)
-Multi dimension 3 in 1 polish- 43 glam style (essence)
-diamond wish 01 crystall shine (rival de loop)

As my nails are breaking a lot recently, i bought a nail hardener which i used for the first time today. I really hope it works.... Then i applied a coat of multi dimension 3in1 nail polish- which i think is really cool as it is nice and sparkly :)
After this i applied 2 coats of the diamond wish nailpolish, and let it dry.

What do you think of the nailpolish?
Love, amy

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Black flower design

Hey guys, the new design i did today was with the konad stamping plate m64..
What i needed:
P2 anti split coat
P2 color victim 691 can't get enough
Essence black stamping nailpolish
Essence multidimension 01 clear as ice
Konad stamping plate m64

I started, with putting on the anti split coat onto my nails. Then i applied a coat of the p2 colour victim nail polish 691 and waited 10 minutes to let it dry. After that i stamped the flower design of the konad plate m64 onto each nail and coated it all with a shining topcoat.! Finished! If you have any questions please comment!! Amy deluxe
Ps. I know that the black flower cant be seen very good, but i still kind of like the design :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scatter blue

Hey guys,
Thats my new design i made today using the konad stamping plates again... I needed:
Base coat 2 in 1 no. 01 by margaret Astor
Base colour 361 by basic
Konad stamping plate m57
Top coat 2 in 1 no. 02 by margaret Astor

I started aplying the base coat to prevent colour stains on my nails, then i painted my nails in this cool turcoise coulour. To not make smears on the design i waited 15 minutes to let it dry. Then i stamped the design on all of my fingers and sealed it with a shining topcoat...
Voila!! Finished

My first blog and picture..

Hey guys..
So heres my first nail design i did...
I used the konad stamping plate57 and as a base coat a golden nail polish by basic..