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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scatter blue

Hey guys,
Thats my new design i made today using the konad stamping plates again... I needed:
Base coat 2 in 1 no. 01 by margaret Astor
Base colour 361 by basic
Konad stamping plate m57
Top coat 2 in 1 no. 02 by margaret Astor

I started aplying the base coat to prevent colour stains on my nails, then i painted my nails in this cool turcoise coulour. To not make smears on the design i waited 15 minutes to let it dry. Then i stamped the design on all of my fingers and sealed it with a shining topcoat...
Voila!! Finished


  1. Good thinking on using a base coat. I had a major stain situation with a similar color to what you are wearing in this manicure, I needed to buff my nails to get rid of the green/blue stains.
    I feel like certain colors will stain more than others. Red, Black, and Greens are the worst offenders for me personally!

    1. yes thx, i noticed that when removing the colour again as my nails still had blue stains.. it can be really annoying.. <3


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